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Meet Our Team


Dr. Patrece Frisbee, DC, DACACD, CAD, CAC, CCN, RCT


As the leading expert in Integrative Medicine within the addiction community, Dr. Patrece Frisbee is a Doctor of Chiropractic and board certified in acupuncture, addiction medicine and compulsive disorders. She also holds a Diplomate as an addictionologist, is a nutritionist, recovery coach, published author, and has more than 30 years of health care management experience.


Dr. Frisbee brings passionate energy to every endeavor and possesses an uncommon ability to harness a diverse spectrum of disciplines for the benefit of her patients. Beginning her professional life with a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic, Dr. Frisbee went on to receive certifications in acupuncture from the University of Miami School of Medicine, herbology from Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Oriental medicine from China Medical University in Beijing.


In 2000, Dr. Frisbee founded her mobile wellness business, which allows her to reach a broader audience serving treatment centers, sober living homes and high-end residential clientele. Her boundless enthusiasm for personal interaction, coupled with her strong leadership and health care management skills, enables Dr. Frisbee to bring a wealth of assets to CAMP SoBe Well and, most importantly, to her clients.

Kim Cox_.jpg

Kim Cox


Kim Cox is President of CAMP SoBe Well. An anomaly in the business world, Kim envisions creative solutions with the ability to implement them through relatable and successful strategies. Kim is intuitively drawn to new ways of thinking with a focus on clarity, honesty, and a strong sense of purpose.


As President of CAMP SoBe Well, Kim leads the company via strong and trusted leadership, and closely collaborates with executives for the purpose of establishing short-and long-term goals, plans and strategies, and increasing brand knowledge within the health and wellness market. Kim manages the functions of human resources, JACHO compliance, internal communications, analyzes and implements marketing strategies, maintains finances and operations, cultivates community partnerships, proactively identifies merger and investment opportunities, and more.


Kim has enjoyed a successful career in marketing, advertising, and consulting. Her management experience includes leading a client services team, becoming a partner of a large Miami advertising firm, and extensive experience within the retail, health care, sports, education, and business-to-business/business-to-consumer sectors. Kim has held several executive level positions, including Assistant Vice-President for Brand Marketing and Communications at Barry University; Vice President of WorkWise Group LLC; Partner and Vice President of Client Services at Ronin Advertising Group Inc; and Partner of Strategic Development at R&L Healthcare Advisors Inc.


“In every place that I have worked, I’ve been strongly invested in the operational piece of the business. That includes being part of the operational committee at the first agency I worked, sitting on the board of Alonzo Mourning Charities, and helping businesses strengthen their foundation relative to processes, structure, communication, and execution of mission,” Kim says. “I appreciate the challenge and hold my teams to a higher standard in an effort to materialize our vision and to create a work culture where team members thrive because they love and are proud of the work they do.”


Kim received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida and her Master of Arts in Psychology of Human Movement from Temple University.


Dr. Gary Brandwein, DO, ACOFP

Medical Director  

Dr. Gary Brandwein is the Medical Director for CAMP SoBe Well, overseeing all integrative medicine services to ensure they are within compliance.


Dr. Brandwein has extensive experience in the fields of health and wellness, rehabilitation, and aesthetic medicine. Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, he worked as an owner, senior physician, medical director, rehab supervisor and residency preceptor at several facilities in Florida. These include VitaLife Medical & Wellness, East Coast Medical & Rehab, Boca Medical Therapy & Rehab, and the Florida Department of Health.


“I enjoy my profession because I have always liked the hands-on aspect of seeing patients of many ages,” Dr. Brandwein says. “I also enjoy the idea of physical medicine being able to help in a variety of medical ways and often giving some immediate relief to physical discomfort, as well as acute illnesses.”


Dr. Brandwein earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from State University of New York at Stony Brook; a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; and studied Public Health at the University of South Florida at Tampa.

In his spare time, Dr. Brandwein enjoys exercising, the beach, reading, softball and golfing, and being with friends and family, especially his daughter.​

Dr Brian Friendlich_.jpg

Dr. Brian Freindlich, DC

Integrative Medicine Director

Dr. Brian Freindlich, DC, is an Integrative Medicine Director at CAMP SoBe Well. For more than 20 years he has dedicated his career to the health and overall wellness of clients from all walks of life.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Dr. Freindlich worked in the chiropractic field as an owner and solo practitioner, as well as serving at other health care facilities. He has a plethora of experience in patient rehabilitation, senior care, patient management, general chiropractic care and more. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and Political Science from the University of Buffalo.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Dr. Freindlich manages all staff within the center, including Wellness Coordinators, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Yoga Instructors, and other specialized group facilitators. As a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Medical Examiner, he works one-on-one with clients to help them achieve optimal health through various chiropractic services and exercises that focus on overall well-being, paving the way for a successful journey toward recovery.


“One of the most important things to me is making a difference in the lives of people who struggle with addiction,” Dr. Freindlich says. “I see my role as a bridge to helping them through one of the most difficult times in their lives and providing the services they need to help their mental, physical and emotional well-being so they can have the best success for a second chance.”


In his spare time, Dr. Freindlich enjoys sports, spending time with friends and family, fishing, shopping and weekend getaways.


Dr. Danielle Gagne, DC  

Integrative Medicine Director

Dr. Danielle Gagne is an Integrative Medicine Director at CAMP SoBe Well. As an experienced health care professional, she understands the importance of creating wellness plans that meet the individual needs of patients from all walks of life.  


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Dr. Gagne worked as an Associate Doctor at multiple chiropractic and spine clinics in South Florida. She is well-versed in a variety of diversified techniques, including Activator Methods, Thompson drop, Palmer Package and Gonstead. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Florida and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. 


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Dr. Gagne shares her knowledge of the health and wellness benefits that come along with chiropractic medicine, as well as the many other benefits we offer. She emphasizes the importance of teaching clients about the benefits they are receiving, while encouraging them to participate in CAMP SoBe Well programs that allow them to be a candidate for a pain-free and successful future. Her goal is to help improve clients’ health, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.


“Every day I try my best to offer the highest standard of care, full of passion and integrity, to my clients so that they can leave feeling physically and emotionally better,” Dr. Gagne says. “A happier life comes from a healthier lifestyle, and I strive to embody that daily.”


In her spare time, Dr. Gagne enjoys spending her spare time outdoors with my family and friends. She also loves to kayak, golf, hike, and read books.

Kim Geiringer.jpg

Kim Geiringer, MS, RD, LDN

Nutrition Services Manager

Kim Geiringer is a Nutrition Services Manager at CAMP SoBe Well. She relies on her nearly 25 years of dietitian and education experience to help clients from all walks of life discover and maintain a healthy and nutritional lifestyle.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Kim worked as a dietitian, educator and pharmacy technician with various healthcare and wellness centers as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her expertise includes group and one-on-one nutrition education, adult and pediatric outpatient nutrition services, consulting, designing wellness programs, and more. She earned her Master of Science in Nutrition from Long Island University and her Bachelor of Science in Human Resources from the University of Delaware.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Kim works with clients to achieve their nutritional goals by running nutrition groups and individual counseling. She also focuses on clients with a variety of health concerns, guiding and educating them on making healthier choices. Her clients learn that what they eat in treatment and recovery can help them lead a healthy, sober and rewarding life.


“I love being a dietitian and helping people improve their health and lives. I believe food nourishes not just the body but also the soul and believe in a Mediterranean-style diet which helps reduce inflammation throughout the body,” Kim says. “I encourage clients to increase their intake of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and healthy fats and believe that no food is off limits as long as it is enjoyed in moderation.”


In her spare time, Kim enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Amy Urban, RDN, LDN

Nutrition Services Manager

Amy Stevenson is CAMP SoBe Well’s Food and Nutrition Services Manager and services all our partner locations.


As a Registered Dietitian, Amy’s goal is to is to empower clients to seek and find balance in nutrition and personal dietary goals on the road to recovery and beyond. At CAMP SoBe Well, Amy hosts nutrition group sessions with demos and weekly one-on-one nutrition counseling. She stresses the importance of clients being motivated to experience overall health and wellness practices. 


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Amy worked in a variety of food and nutrition service positions, including those as clinical dietitian, food service supervisor, food service manager, nutrition analyst, and tray line supervisor. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from the University of North Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Keiser University.


“I absolutely love the work I do and love sharing my passion for nutrition knowledge and being a health care professional,” Amy says. “I know that the client will see and feel the difference when they implement a guided plan to a balanced diet and the ability to lower health risks for acute or chronic diseases.”


In her spare time, Amy enjoys playing soccer, gardening, reading and writing poems, nature, church activities and family time. She also enjoys going to local produce stands to purchase vegetables for meal planning.

Carolina Mendoza

Carolina Mendoza, RYT

Wellness Coordinator

Carolina Mendoza is a Wellness Coordinator at CAMP SoBe Well. Her passion for overall wellness, the art of yoga, and a positive outlook has made her extremely effective in helping clients achieve a sense of well-being.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Carolina owned and operated a Pilates and fitness studio, worked as a yoga and meditation instructor at various health and wellness centers, and served as a personal and executive assistant. She is also a certified yoga teacher and Pilates instructor.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Carolina focuses on working with clients to help relieve their anxiety and stress challenges. She approaches every day with compassion, meeting clients where they are to help support their recovery and wellness journey. Her passion for yoga and overall wellness is manifested in this role.


“My favorite part of the day-to-day in this role is when I spend time with clients doing yoga, breathing work and meditation,” Carolina says. “Seeing how I’m helping a person when they are going through one of the most difficult times in their life and how, in a small way, I’m helping them feel better is one of the most fulfilling parts of this job.”


In her spare time, Carolina loves traveling and has been to more than 60 countries. She also enjoys working out and other fitness activities, cooking, and spending time with her family, friends and pets.

Diontae Smith

Diontae Smith

Wellness Coordinator

Diontae Smith is a Wellness Coordinator at CAMP SoBe Well. He has more than 10
years of experience creating individual fitness regimens, group activities, and
specialized programs that maximize results in the most efficient and safest way. His
motivation and passion help clients through their recovery transformation.

Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Diontae worked at various health and wellness clubs
as a personal trainer, group instructor, client success manager, and personal training
manager. He is a Certified TRX Level 3 personal trainer and group instructor that
specializes in body mechanics, balance and mobility, and strength and conditioning.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Diontae inspires clients to become and stay
motivated about accomplishing realistic short- and long-term fitness goals that enhance
their physical capabilities and overall wellness. He also introduces new clients to the
CAMP SoBe Well program while assisting them through the intake process. 

“Recovery is a multi-faceted process, with wellness being among the key components
to ensuring a successful transformational journey,” Diontae says. “Sharing my wellness
expertise with clients who need it the most is very rewarding, as well as a testament to
the idea that we are all on this journey together.”

In his spare time, Diontae enjoys being with family and friends, working out and relaxing
with his dog, Rex.

Traci Padalino

Traci Struber Padalino, LMT

Massage Therapist

Traci Struber Padalino is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at CAMP SoBe Well. With more than 25 years of experience in the health and wellness and hospitality industries, Traci brings a wealth of knowledge that is vital to the recovery process of her clients.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Traci worked in the service industry as a LMT, reflexologist, administrative assistant, and management assistant. She earned an Associate of Arts in Health Science from Palm Beach State College.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Traci works as a LMT at various centers, provides backup to chiropractors using massage and bioneuro feedback, and provides stress reduction via massage and biosound. In addition to specializing in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuro Muscular Therapy and Cupping, Traci is a certified reflexologist and phlebotomist.


“I personally love to make people feel better and knowing that I helped someone is very fulfilling,” Traci says. “I’ve witnessed the ramifications of addiction on people that I know and love, and to be a part of someone else’s journey to recovery is my light. I hope the skill set I have to offer makes the difficult journey just a little easier.”


In her spare time, Traci enjoys spending time with her family and tending to her flower beds.

Andrea Velasquez

Andrea Velasquez, AP


Andrea Velasquez is an Acupuncturist at CAMP SoBe Well. As a licensed Acupuncture physician, Massage Therapist and Phlebotomist, Andrea’s mission is to bring wellness into people’s lives by helping them create a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Andrea worked at various detox, behavioral health and treatment centers where she utilized her health and wellness expertise to help clients through their recovery process. Andrea’s experience in the field and ability to understand the needs of clients is complemented by her internship at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China as well as her time volunteering at Light of the World clinic for the underprivileged. 


She earned a Master of Oriental Medicine with a focus in Acupuncture and Herbology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. She earned her massage therapy certification and licensure from Florida Metropolitan University.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Andrea focuses on Chinese medicine treatments:  acupuncture, cupping and auriculotherapy with a focus on supporting clients’ recovery journey. She takes a personal approach to each client by listening to their symptoms and advising on the best holistic solutions that benefit the body, mind and spirit. Additionally, Andrea teaches clients the importance and benefits of practicing breathing techniques and visualization.


“Acupuncture has played a crucial role in helping with my personal struggle with anxiety. Being able to provide relief for my patients is very fulfilling and gives me purpose,” Andrea says. “My goal, aside from aiding in the healing process, is to open a new alternative of therapy for clients to add to their self-care list.”


In her spare time, Andrea enjoys meditating, going to the beach, kayaking and dancing, all while spending time with loved ones.


Lizette Garcia, LASO

Human Resources

Lizette Garcia is a senior human resources leader at CAMP SoBe Well. She has with been with the company since February 2019 and is a vital member of the operations team.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Lizette worked in a number of human resources roles, including as a director, specialist, manager, and administrator. She also served as assistant dean at Florida National College.


In her role at CAMP SoBe Well, Lizette performs day-to-day human resources functions, including payroll, recruitment, on-boarding, employee relations, benefits, and compliance issues. She also works on revising and updating all human resources policies and procedures and plays an integral part in the Joint Commission compliance for CAMP SoBe Well. Her years of HR experience have been an asset to the company.


Lizette has a master’s in business administration with a specialty in personnel management from St. Thomas University, and a bachelor’s in communications from St. Thomas University.


“I really like working in human resources because it is not a career where you are doing the same tasks every day, and I'm involved in many different aspects of the business. This includes helping an employee with HR questions, processing payroll, strategic planning, recruitment, employee relations, and so much more,” Lizette says. “Being in human resources helps me feel that I am really part of the business, and that’s what makes this career so rewarding.”


In her spare time, Lizette enjoys spending time outside, walking by the ocean, boating, and spending time with family.


Dr. Nancy Gomez, DC

Compliance Manager 

Dr. Nancy Gomez is the Compliance Manager at CAMP SoBe Well. She was one of the first employees hired by CAMP SoBe Well and has been with the organization since 2015. Additionally, Dr. Gomez is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Licensed Massage Therapist.


As Compliance Manager, Dr. Gomez manages all of CAMP SoBe Well’s compliance requirements and provides ongoing guidance in compliances issues. She ensures that the compliance department meets or exceeds the company’s best practice standards and regulatory requirements, including overseeing current and new service compliance, filing reports, conducting audits, managing Joint Commission compliance, and identifying issues. Dr. Gomez serves as an internal resource for all compliance matters.


“I’ve enjoyed working with CAMP SoBe Well for almost five years. I have seen our program's positive impact on so many clients through our clinical applications, but also through the compassion and unconditional love that all our team members give the clients” Dr. Gomez said. “My greatest joy is to see the evolution of the clients who have entered treatment with major physical problems. Many of these clients have been relying on pain medication for survival and have never received any physical form of therapy for their condition. These clients blossom with our care and truly reap the benefits during their treatment and post treatment with the self-care principles and exercises that the CAMP SoBe Well program emphasizes.”


Outside the office, Dr. Gomez enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Mila. She is passionate about raising little Mila to be a strong, happy, and good person. Dr. Gomez also enjoys listening to podcasts from NPR and other sources, Jazz music and getting massages.

Ana Bankemper

Ana Bankemper

Office Administrator

Ana Bankemper is an Office Administrator at CAMP SoBe Well. With more than 20 years of experience in a fast-paced retail environment, Ana possesses the necessary interpersonal skills that cultivate business partnerships while building trust with managers and employees, leading to a positive work environment. 


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Ana worked in several human resources roles, including operations manager, customer service manager, human resources manager, and administrative assistant. She’s worked for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and others. Ana attended Barry University where she earned a PHR Certification in Human Resources Management. 


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Ana focuses on updating and maintaining the organization’s human resources files to ensure they are in compliance. She also supports the human resources department in screening candidates for the CAMP SoBe Well family, as well as assisting the executive leadership team with managing the company’s general administrative activities.


“Although I don’t have the pleasure of working directly with our clients one-on-one, my work behind the scenes helps ensure our team’s requirements are met,” Ana says. “This allows them to focus on providing our clients with the care and attention they deserve. That’s part of the CAMP SoBe Well experience.”


In her spare time, Ana enjoys traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Valerie Jones

Valerie Jones

Revenue Cycle Manager

Valerie Jones is the Revenue Cycle Manager at CAMP SoBe Well. She has played an integral part in revamping the processes and systems, allowing for a more efficient and effective insurance claim process. 


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Valerie worked as a revenue cycle management consultant, billing associate, virtual patient care coordinator, and accounts receivable specialist. Her experience in these roles, combined with more than 20 years in the field, has made her well-equipped to manage the revenue cycle process. She earned a Bachelor of Science in alternative medicine from Everglades University. 


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Valerie oversees all aspects of the billing department, managing the revenue cycle from when a client schedules an appointment to when the claim is completed. She is in charge of benefits and eligibility; tracking and obtaining authorizations; billing; creating workflows and procedures; supervising and training new hires on programs; and accounts receivable follow up. 


“I love closing the gap between administrative and the clinical side of health care,” Valerie says. “It is important to create a seamless experience for the patient, and it takes a team of professionals working together to create an environment that is conducive to healing and the bottom line.”


In her spare time, Valerie enjoys reading and hanging out with family and friends.

Aja Cartwright Landscape_edited.jpg

Aja Cartwright

Claims Specialist

Aja Cartwright is a Billing Specialist at CAMP SoBe Well. Her extensive experience in managing and monitoring billing accounts helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Aja worked as a billing and collections manager where she managed a staff of up to 10 that worked with Out-of-Network and In-Network facilities, hospitals, and individual providers. She also oversaw follow up efforts related to claims, appeals, denials, and single case agreements. She earned an Associate of Arts and Sciences from the University of Phoenix.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Aja focuses on past, present and future billing accounts, relying on her familiarity with guidelines and policies to ensure proper functioning within medical facilities and with suppliers. Her experience in the field provides her with a unique approach to getting claims paid in a timely and efficient manner.


“Being a part of the back-office team allows me to provide a different type of support for the company and our clients,” Aja says. “The financial aspect of my role is vital to ensuring the business functions appropriately and successfully.”


In her spare time, Aja enjoys spending time being a mom to her 9-year-old.

Laurie Pallack

Laurie Pallack

Care Coordinator

Laurie Pallack is a Billing Specialist at CAMP SoBe Well. With more than 20 years of health care experience, she has a passion for managing projects of various scales and ensuring operational excellence.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Laurie worked as a patient care coordinator for a local health care provider. In this role she coordinated and facilitated inpatient and outpatient care, arranged diagnostic procedures and consultations with other medical specialists, verified coverage and eligibility for medical services, obtained pre-authorization for required procedures, and communicated with insurance providers, medical offices and patients.


As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Laurie is focused on the verification of client benefits and ensuring a smooth billing process. Her knowledge of insurance guidelines as well as payer requirements and systems are a valuable asset to CAMP SoBe Well.


“As a billing specialist, I take pride in the work I do that enables the business to function efficiently,” Laurie says. “It is important to me to get accurate information to the doctors in a timely manner so they can provide the best care to our clients.”


In her spare time, Laurie enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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