Meet Our Team


Dr. Patrece Frisbee, DC, DACACD, CAD, CAC, CCN, RCT


As the leading expert in Integrative Medicine within the addiction community, Dr. Patrece Frisbee is a Doctor of Chiropractic and board certified in acupuncture, addiction medicine and compulsive disorders. She also holds a Diplomate as an addictionologist, is a nutritionist, recovery coach, published author, and has more than 30 years of health care management experience.


Dr. Frisbee brings passionate energy to every endeavor and possesses an uncommon ability to harness a diverse spectrum of disciplines for the benefit of her patients. Beginning her professional life with a Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic, Dr. Frisbee went on to receive certifications in acupuncture from the University of Miami School of Medicine, herbology from Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Oriental medicine from China Medical University in Beijing.


In 2000, Dr. Frisbee founded her mobile wellness business, which allows her to reach a broader audience serving treatment centers, sober living homes and high-end residential clientele. Her boundless enthusiasm for personal interaction, coupled with her strong leadership and health care management skills, enables Dr. Frisbee to bring a wealth of assets to CAMP SoBe Well and, most importantly, to her clients.

Dr. Gary Brandwein, DO, ACOFP

Medical Director  

Dr. Gary Brandwein is the Medical Director for CAMP SoBe Well, overseeing all integrative medicine services to ensure they are within compliance.


Dr. Brandwein has extensive experience in the fields of health and wellness, rehabilitation, and aesthetic medicine. Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, he worked as an owner, senior physician, medical director, rehab supervisor and residency preceptor at several facilities in Florida. These include VitaLife Medical & Wellness, East Coast Medical & Rehab, Boca Medical Therapy & Rehab, and the Florida Department of Health.


“I enjoy my profession because I have always liked the hands-on aspect of seeing patients of many ages,” Dr. Brandwein says. “I also enjoy the idea of physical medicine being able to help in a variety of medical ways and often giving some immediate relief to physical discomfort, as well as acute illnesses.”


Dr. Brandwein earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from State University of New York at Stony Brook; a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; and studied Public Health at the University of South Florida at Tampa.

In his spare time, Dr. Brandwein enjoys exercising, the beach, reading, softball and golfing, and being with friends and family, especially his daughter.

Dr. Nancy Gomez, DC

Senior Integrative Medicine Director 

Dr. Nancy Gomez is the Senior Integrative Medicine Director at CAMP SoBe Well. She is also a Doctor of Chiropractic and licensed massage therapist. Dr. Gomez was one of the first employees hired by CAMP SoBe Well and has been with the organization since 2015.

Under the guidance of CAMP SoBe Well founder Dr. Patrece Frisbee, Dr. Gomez has assisted in developing the organization’s programming, protocols and procedures. Dr. Gomez has been assigned as the chiropractic provider and director at several of CAMP SoBe Well’s locations and assisted in the launching process of South Florida locations. Throughout her time with CAMP SoBe Well, Dr. Gomez has treated thousands of clients with substance use disorders and has been deeply touched by their stories. She is very fulfilled in her role as being the gate keeper to introducing clients to new approaches in managing stress, pain and anxiety through CAMP SoBe Well’s services and principles.

Dr. Gomez became interested in the human body and kinetics while studying theater. She deepened her knowledge of the healing modalities while in massage therapy school and later with Whole Health Chicago, the holistic medical office where she sharpened her clinical massage skills in pain management and fibromyalgia. 

In 2009, she received her chiropractic degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago. As a practicing chiropractor, she continued to integrate her massage knowledge with nutrition, rehabilitative exercise and chiropractic care. Dr. Gomez worked alongside a network of PCPs, orthopedic and pain management specialists as well as holistic practitioners.  

“The clients that we serve with CAMP SoBe Well services have many compounding issues: pain, anxiety, depression, and severe PAWS. Alongside of these physical and mental issues are collections of spiritual fractures. As a provider who physically touches this population, I’m able to feel their physical ailments and treat them through the skills I’ve learned during my training,” Dr. Gomez said. “But my greatest joy is when I see the impact of touch, listening, love and compassion starting to heal some of those spiritual fractures. Gaining the trust of this client population is not the easiest feat, but when I do, I feel a sense of fulfillment that I am addressing a purpose deeper than my role as their chiropractic provider.”

Outside the office, Dr. Gomez enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and 6-year-old daughter, Mila. She is passionate about raising little Mila to be a strong, happy and good person. Dr. Gomez also enjoys listening to podcasts from NPR and other sources, Jazz music and getting massages.

Dr. Trena Adams, DC

Integrative Medicine Director

Dr. Trena Adams is a Doctor of Chiropractic with nearly 10 years of experience in the field. She currently serves as the Integrative Medicine Director for SoBe Well and works out of the Just Believe Detox Center in Port St. Lucie, FL.


As the Integrative Medicine Director, Dr. Adams provides and/or oversees all chiropractic services; performs initial evaluations, re-evaluations and final exams on a scheduled basis; is experienced in the performance of Auriculotherapy; leads physical therapy exercise groups with clients; is certified in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique; and more.


Prior to joining SoBe Well, Dr. Adams worked as a Chiropractor at Flagler Square Wellness Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, and at One Touch Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. She earned her Bachelor of Science in 2009 and Doctor of Chiropractic in 2010 from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Adams also studied the Masters in Sports Chiropractic and completed the program in 2013.


She was born and raised in the Chiropractic profession, and it has been her passion since the age of 5. Her father was a Chiropractor and her sister currently practices in Albuquerque, NM.


Dr. Adams has been published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research for her research on the topic of “Resolution of Post-Concussion Seizures Following Atlas Orthogonal Technique.”

Dr. Indira Malpica, DC

Integrative Medicine Director

Dr. Indira Malpica is the Integrative Medicine Director at CAMP SoBe Well’s partner location, Daylight Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is also a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and is licensed in Florida and Puerto Rico.


As the Integrative Medicine Director, Dr. Malpica provides chiropractic care for clients at Daylight Recovery Center. She is also a Neurofeedback practitioner. Dr. Malpica has a proven record of success in both practice growth and continued patient care. Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Dr. Malpica worked at various chiropractic health centers in South Florida.


She earned a Level II Spinal Certification, Torque Release Certification, BLS/CPR Certification, is Physical Therapy National Board certified, and trained under the Maximized Living program. Her areas of chiropractic specialization include: Diversified Full Spine; Sacro-Occipital Technique; Gonstead; Thompson Chiropractic Biophysics; Advanced Pediatric Adjusting; Toggle; Extremities; and Cox Flexion Distraction.


Dr. Malpica earned a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico. She plans to pursue a diplomate degree in Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders.


Amy Stevenson, RDN, LDN

Food and Nutrition Services Manager

Amy Stevenson is CAMP SoBe Well’s Food and Nutrition Services Manager and services all our partner locations.

As a Registered Dietitian, Amy’s goal is to is to empower clients to seek and find balance in nutrition and personal dietary goals on the road to recovery and beyond. At CAMP SoBe Well, Amy hosts nutrition group sessions with demos and weekly one-on-one nutrition counseling. She stresses the importance of clients being motivated to experience overall health and wellness practices.

Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Amy worked in a variety of food and nutrition service positions, including those as clinical dietitian, food service supervisor, food service manager, nutrition analyst, and tray line supervisor. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from the University of North Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Keiser University.

“I absolutely love the work I do and love sharing my passion for nutrition knowledge and being a health care professional,” Amy says. “I know that the client will see and feel the difference when they implement a guided plan to a balanced diet and the ability to lower health risks for acute or chronic diseases.”

In her spare time, Amy enjoys playing soccer, gardening, reading and writing poems, nature, church activities and family time. She also enjoys going to local produce stands to purchase vegetables for meal planning.

Adam Flores, ERYT200, RYT500, HHP

Wellness Coordinator

Adam Flores is a Wellness Coordinator at CAMP SoBe Well and works at our partner location Daylight Detox in West Palm Beach. 


As the Wellness Coordinator, Adam focuses on therapeutic exercise, yoga, and breathing exercises at all levels for CAMP SoBe Well clients. Additionally, Adam guides yoga classes to diverse populations, ranging from children ages one through young adults at the YMCA, in group fitness settings, and restorative yoga with clients in recovery, aging adults, and those healing from physical and emotional traumas.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Adam worked as a yoga instructor, wellness educator, and in-house herbalist. He is a certified holistic health practitioner and completed a two-year apprenticeship with Lata Kennedy at Flower Power, the oldest herbal medicine apothecary in New York. He is currently finishing formal case studies to register with the American Herbalists Guild. Adam plans to continue his training in somatic healing arts, massage therapy, yoga therapy certification, and herbal medicine and holistic wellness training. 


 “Many of our clients struggle with guilt and shame about their recovery process. It is my hope to give them the skills to cultivate compassion toward themselves, create a sense of ease in the process with the breath, and to be at home again in their bodies,” Adam says.


In his spare time, Adam spends a lot of time gardening and studying healing plants, making essential oils, hydrosols and plant extracts. He also joys sharing his love of music, dance and yoga, playing with his cat and dog, going to the beach, hiking, canoeing, and camping.

Dominick Harwood, CSCS, RCA

Wellness Coordinator


Dominick Hardwood is a Wellness Coordinator for CAMP SoBe Well and works out of the Just Believe Recovery and Detox Centers in Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie, FL


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Dominick worked in a variety of health and wellness positions, including roles as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and founder of Old School Gym. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and Exercise Science and Wellness from Florida Atlantic University.

“I enjoy my profession because I enjoy sports, physical fitness and nutrition. I’m constantly looking for information in these areas. I really get satisfaction by being able to help someone with a physical aliment or someone wanting to start a nutritional program using the knowledge that I have,” Dominick says. “Every day I have an opportunity to make someone physically and mentally better, and that’s important to me.”

Dominick’s spare time revolves around his wife and son. He also enjoys playing sports with his son, doing yard work, fishing, watching sports, and reading books that are fitness-related and historical nonfiction.

Sannthia Victor, RCA

Wellness Coordinator


Sannthia Victor is a Wellness Coordinator at CAMP SoBe Well. As a Wellness Coordinator, Sannthia facilitates the Biobed at the Just Believe Recovery and Detox Centers in Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie, FL. In this role, Sannthia operates the Biobed, teaches clients breathing and relaxation techniques, promotes optimum wellness, and assist in other departments.


“I love what I do because I love to see the end results for each client. The impact the Biobed has on our clients affects their lives spiritually, mentally and physically in a positive way,” Sannthia says. “Clients will often say they have an epiphany while experiencing the Bio-bed — they become clear minded, positive, focused and optimistic of the future.”

Sannthia, who is fluent in Creole, earned her associate degree in physical therapy from Kaiser University in Fort Lauderdale and is a registered chiropractic assistant. Outside of promoting the health of SoBe Well’s clients, Sannthia also enjoys spending time with her family and two daughters.

Osvaldo Carrion LMT

Massage Therapist

Osvaldo Carrion is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at CAMP SoBe Well and works at our partner location Just Believe Recovery Center in Jensen Beach, Florida.

As an LMT, Osvaldo has a passion for helping people and is dedicated to providing quality, therapeutic massages for overall health and wellness. His skills include body assessment, personal consultation, body mechanics, kinesiology, and anatomy and physiology.

With nearly 20 years of experience in massage therapy, Osvaldo specializes in a wide-range of therapeutic methods, including hot stone, Swedish, Russian, Lomi-Lomi, deep tissue, sports and Stretching Techniques. He received massage certifications from the Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Progressive Training Centers in Pompano Beach, Florida, and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. This is motto I use to encourage our clients to keep trying. I know it is hard but not impossible, and I am here to help balance them with the power of touch. They are dealing with this process alone and I am here to provide my sense of help to make them feel better," Osvaldo says.

In his spare time, Osvaldo enjoys working with his private clients, as well as going to the theater to watch foreign films.

Casandra Kimbrough, MT, RCA

Massage Therapist

Casandra Kimbrough is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at CAMP SoBe Well and works at our partner location Just Believe Detox in Port St. Lucie. 


As an LMT, Casandra provides massage therapy as a way to help clients relieve stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Casandra worked in the health care industry as a rehabilitation technician and massage therapist. She earned her Associate of Science in Massage Therapy from Keiser University.


“There is no better gratitude than seeing the look of relief on my clients’ face after they get a massage. Knowing that I am helping them during the recovery and detox process makes my job even more meaningful. To be a part of their journey toward recovery is a rewarding experience,” Casandra says.


In her spare time, Casandra loves spending time with her husband, Josh, and two children, Rian and Aley. As a family, they enjoy bowling, fishing, trips to Legoland, and spending time at home watching movies and cooking out.

Gretchen Rieger, LMT

Massage Therapist


Gretchen Rieger is a Massage Therapist at CAMP SoBe Well and works out of the Daylight Detox in West Palm Beach, FL.

Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Gretchen spent several years working with professional athletes, including those from the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers the 1996 U.S. Olympic Swim and Diving Team, and Olympic-level runners and bikers. Additionally, she served as the massage program director at several leading career colleges. She provides live and online continuing education courses for massage therapists needing to renew their licensure. 


Gretchen, who graduated from Florida State University with a focus on human biology and functional anatomy, attended The American Institute of Massage Therapy in Ft. Lauderdale and studied kinesiology at Broward College. In addition to her nearly 30 years of experience as a massage therapist, Gretchen has spent more than 18 years in the classroom, teaching others to expand their experiences while learning to become licensed therapists. She is certified in multiple soft tissue modalities, as well as energetic techniques.


“I seem to have a 3D understanding of the human anatomy and can find the source of an imbalance within the human structure,” Gretchen says. “I enjoy reading research and have spent many hours reading textbooks and anatomy books.”


Gretchen strives to provide both her clients and students with the best that functional manual therapy, energy therapy, and exercise therapy have to offer them.

Christina Steele, LMT

Massage Therapist/Administrative Coordinator 

Christina Steele is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Administrative Coordinator at CAMP SoBe Well. She works out of our partner location Just Believe Detox in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

As a Massage Therapist, Christina specializes in Cranio Sacral Therapy Massage, Shiatsu, Pre-and-Post-Natal Certified Massage and Acupressure (MotherTouch Maternity program), and Medical Massage. She completed her training in 2016 at the Oregon School of Massage with a focus in Shiatsu and continued with CST certifications from The Upledger Institute.

"If you are passionate about the work you do, then it doesn't feel like work. When I am providing massage therapy, I feel like I'm communicating with the body; what it wants, needs and what it can get rid of. Assisting people to feel more comfortable in their bodies and closer connected to spirit is the best job in the world," Christina says.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Cooking is also a favorite thing to do for Christina and her husband. Additionally, she enjoys hiking, swimming, exploring and playing with her two dogs, Amos and Mowgli, and two cats, Cricket and Pips.

Kayla Jackson, RCA

Administrative Coordinator

Kayla Jackson is an Administrative Coordinator at CAMP SoBe Well and works at our partner location Just Believe Recovery Center in Jensen Beach. 


As the Administrative Coordinator, Kayla focuses on census and scheduling, stats, billing, meeting agendas and minutes, assisting with clinical routines, client assessments and testimonials, organizing training manuals, product and promo inventory, and more.


Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Kayla worked in various health centers serving as an administrative assistant, front office manager, case manager/lead house manager, residential manager, and case manager caregiver


"I feel my role here as the Administrative coordinator for Camp SoBe Well plays a significant part in the clients stay. I make sure all of their information is always confidential and accurate so that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes," Kayla says.


In her spare time, Kayla enjoys spending time with her family and dogs and traveling to the small springs around Florida to experience the natural destinations.

Lizette Garcia

Human Resources

Sean Ammon

Claims Specialist 

Brennan Clements, CPC, CPB

Claims Specialist

Alicia Collymore

Office Administrator

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