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Andrea Velasquez

Personal Experience & Biography

Andrea Velasquez is an Acupuncturist at CAMP SoBe Well. As a licensed Acupuncture physician, Massage Therapist and Phlebotomist, Andrea’s mission is to bring wellness into people’s lives by helping them create a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Prior to joining CAMP SoBe Well, Andrea worked at various detox, behavioral health and treatment centers where she utilized her health and wellness expertise to help clients through their recovery process. Andrea’s experience in the field and ability to understand the needs of clients is complemented by her internship at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China as well as her time volunteering at Light of the World clinic for the underprivileged. 

She earned a Master of Oriental Medicine with a focus in Acupuncture and Herbology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. She earned her massage therapy certification and licensure from Florida Metropolitan University.

As part of the CAMP SoBe Well team, Andrea focuses on Chinese medicine treatments:  acupuncture, cupping and auriculotherapy with a focus on supporting clients’ recovery journey. She takes a personal approach to each client by listening to their symptoms and advising on the best holistic solutions that benefit the body, mind and spirit. Additionally, Andrea teaches clients the importance and benefits of practicing breathing techniques and visualization.

“Acupuncture has played a crucial role in helping with my personal struggle with anxiety. Being able to provide relief for my patients is very fulfilling and gives me purpose,” Andrea says. “My goal, aside from aiding in the healing process, is to open a new alternative of therapy for clients to add to their self-care list.”

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys meditating, going to the beach, kayaking and dancing, all while spending time with loved ones.

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