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Clients at CAMP SoBe Well have demonstrated remarkable strength and progress on their path to wellness. With personalized treatment and unwavering dedication, they have reached significant milestones, rekindled hope, and embraced positive transformations. Each success story is a testament to resilience, personal growth, and the profound impact of our program. We take pride in empowering and supporting your clients as they flourish and serve as inspiration to others on their extraordinary journeys.


Discover the transformative journey of our Centers that utilize CAMP SoBe Well services, where success in their clients recovery is not just a goal but a reality. Through our tailored programs and unwavering support, we have witnessed remarkable achievements and a significant decrease in AMA (Against Medical Advice) rates. Join us in celebrating the empowerment and flourishing progress of our Centers as they embrace a brighter future for their clients in recovery.

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CAMP SoBe Well has substantial data demonstrating the positive impact of our program in reducing AMA discharges and enhancing both physical and mental functionality for clients. Contact us to request a presentation on our data and learn how we can help your organization improve client health and wellness.

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