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Dr. Patrece Frisbee

Personal Experience & Biography

Renowned as a trailblazer in Integrative Medicine within the addiction and wellness sphere, Dr. Patrece Frisbee stands as a beacon of excellence in her field. Armed with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and board certifications in acupuncture, addiction medicine, and Nutrition, Dr. Frisbee embodies a rare fusion of expertise and empathy.

Beyond her impressive academic accolades, Dr. Frisbee holds a Diplomate as an addictionologist, credentials as a nutritionist and recovery coach, and is a published author, showcasing her multifaceted talents. With over three decades of experience in healthcare management, Dr. Frisbee’s proficiency is a testament to her steadfast commitment to patient well-being.

Dr. Frisbee’s journey commenced with a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic, paving the way for specialized certifications in acupuncture from the prestigious University of Miami School of Medicine, herbology from the esteemed Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Oriental medicine from China Medical University in Beijing. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication to holistic care defines her as a true luminary in the realm of Integrative Medicine.

Mobile Wellness Entrepreneur

In 2000, Dr. Frisbee established her mobile wellness business, extending her reach to encompass treatment centers, sober living homes, esteemed residential clientele, and corporate wellness. With her dynamic patient-centered strategies and innovative leadership, Dr. Frisbee emerges as a key figure in the corporate wellness arena, bringing invaluable contributions to the table.

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