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Biofeedback Sound Massage

Designed specifically for stress, Biofeedback Sound Massage is a proven tool for decreasing stress, anxiety and pain through the use of music therapy and special healing frequencies. Pre- and post-session, patients have reported a 60-70% reduction in fear, anxiety, cravings and body ache. It is a holistic healing practice that uses sound vibrations to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We use binaural beats to create sounds that can help reduce stress, induce relaxation, and improve focus. Sound therapy aims to restore harmony in the body by leveraging the natural vibrations of sound.

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Biofeedback is a non-invasive treatment that encourages the brain to develop healthier patterns of activity. The goal of treatment is not only to change how you think and feel, but also to change your brain on a biological level for better functioning.

Biofeedback sound therapy has demonstrated significant improvements in treating various disorders, including headaches, ADHD, stress, anxiety, depression, pain management, emotional well-being, sleep disorders, and insomnia. By integrating biofeedback with sound vibrations, this therapy amplifies the treatment’s effectiveness, promoting relaxation, enhancing focus, and restoring balance in both the body and mind.

Deep bass resonant frequencies deliver a deep tissue massage that will relieve muscle tension, body aches and headaches. The therapeutic music selections may be used to help induce a Theta level brainwave state and clear racing thoughts in order to introduce positive messaging through Guided Imagery. It can accompany a variety of massage treatments, depending on patients’ needs.