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Find a comprehensive list of services
and their descriptions below. 




Acupuncture brings both physical and emotional relief to clients with acute and chronic conditions. It has been extremely helpful for those with substance use disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation and more. It helps balance the body's natural flow of energy.

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Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acids are nutrients the body uses to bring about biochemical changes in the brain. In specific combinations, these nutrients have been found to be effective in recovery treatment.  If neurotransmitters are deficient, Amino acids will work by increasing the levels of chemicals needed to make specific neurotransmitters that are lacking. In combination with vitamins, minerals, herbs and a balanced nutritional lifestyle, an optimal state of wellbeing can be achieved.

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Auriculotherapy is similar to ear acupuncture but does not use needles.  A micro-current stimulator is placed on reflex points outside the ear, which send messages to the brain depending on the location of the reflex points being treated. It treats multiple conditions related to substance use disorders, compulsive disorders, anxiety, depression and cravings.


Biosound Bed

The Biosound Bed platform combines Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRVB) with auditory/visual presentations that incorporate a number of different interventions, including binaural beats and low frequency sine tones, guided imagery, solfeggio frequencies, music therapy, and Chakra balancing. It helps to ease anxiety, depression, inflammation, fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia and more.

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Chiropractic is a complete system of healthcare focused on restoring, preserving, and optimizing health with natural, hands-on care. While western medicine focuses on curing illness through surgery and pharmaceuticals, chiropractic is non-invasive and seeks to optimize health without drugs or surgery. Clients with substance use disorders, compulsive impulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, cravings and insomnia lack dopamine in the brain and are often found to have spinal subluxations. Chiropractic corrects these subluxations to allow the “reward system” of the brain to function properly and increase dopamine levels.


Drumming/Rhythm Healing

Drumming is an ancient practice that allows people to come together to create a shared sound and experience self-expression and mental wellbeing. Many traditions believe that dis-ease and distress can occur when human relationships are out of balance. The drum circle uses mind and body to bring these relationships back into balance and research suggests it can induce physical healing, strengthen the immune system and help participants process trauma.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that have been used for over 5,000 years to enhance physical, emotional and mental health. Anxiety, depression, sleep problems and pain relief are just a few of  the conditions that can be effectively treated with a holistic, personalized essential oils treatment plan.ulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, cravings and insomnia lack dopamine in the brain and are often found to have spinal subluxations. Chiropractic corrects these subluxations to allow the “reward system” of the brain to function properly and increase dopamine levels.

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Massage Therapy

Incorporating massage into any recovery program brings powerful advantages during all of the stages of quitting an addiction, including withdrawal, detox and abstinence. The physical, emotional and spiritual components of recovery can be highly enhanced by the healing power of therapeutic touch.

Team Meditation before Meeting Lifestyle


Meditation refers to a broad array of mindfulness practices that promotes relaxation, build internal energy of life force, and foster compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. The purpose of meditation is to tune in. It strengthens our “muscles of attention”, making it easier to let go of addictive thoughts. It makes us better equipped to experience cravings without having to react to them. And it enhances our ability to cope with stress.

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Recovery Fitness

Our personal trainers motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability.  Trainers also measure BMI, strength, and weaknesses to create a personalized assessment. Exercise is critical for decreasing anxiety and stress, it improves sleep and produces an overall sense of peace and wellbeing. At every level, from the microcellular to the psychological, exercise not only wards off the ill effects of chronic stress, including addiction, it can reverse them.


Science-Based Nutrition

Good nutrition is essentially important for every body, especially for those in recovery, because is the foundation for achieving hormonal control and optimal wellbeing. Proper nutrition helps relieve anxiety, depression and cravings when a client is detoxing and in treatment and recovery. Food is the most powerful drug you can put in your body, and your kitchen is your very own organic pharmacy. You will be given nutrition information and tools you can rely on for the rest of your life.


Smoking Cessation

Auriculotherapy consists of stimulating specific points located in the ear related to smoking with a small electrical current which is safe, painless and needleless. By stimulating the specific points we can intercept messages sent by the brain and the body that demand more nicotine. Therefore, disrupting the addictive process.  When combined with Auriculotherapy and Amino acids there is a reduction of cravings, anxiety and depression associated with nicotine withdraw. 

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Wellness Counseling & Groups

Wellness groups provide necessary life skills and are an integral part of the integrated medicine program. They are interactive and fun and may include subject matter such as nutrition, art, community, fitness, gratitude, healthy food choices, mindfulness, meditation, water wellness, gut health, yoga, etc.



Guided by “the issues that live in our tissues,” Yoga fosters mind/body union, integration and balance. Yoga is a powerful way to fight addiction by simultaneously calming body and mind, with a focus on acceptance and healthy change. The practice relaxes the nervous system and the endocrine system and activates the release of healing hormones. It also stimulates he brain to produce alpha waves, which support visualization without emotion. Over time, this judgment-free practice will allow you to view images of your past with a neutral eye and dissolve triggers that may have stimulated your turn toward addictive substances.

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