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You have impacted many clients, many staff and myself to realize that the process of recovery can be integrated with so much more than just your standard modalities of treatment. I truly appreciate every one of you and every one of your staff members.

-Ben Dobbs, Executive Director

Agape Treatment Center

SoBe Well has been an excellent implementation of much-needed wellness services for our clients. Our AMA rate was 24% before SBW in 2018 and our AMA rate is now 5.5% with the implementation of their program. We are very grateful for their compassionate care to our clients and our staff. We are all very happy.

- George Edmunds, COO

Just Believe Treatment Center, PHP Jensen Beach

This program is brilliant, and a God-send! We can provide wellness services now, when before we would not have been able to do so financially. The clients love the program as well as the staff and it helps enrich their lives with lifesaving tools so they can live a successful, full and fun life in recovery. The staff of CSBW is very compassionate, caring and professional.

- Joanna Hathaway,  Partner/CD

The Source Recovery Center, IOP, Ft. Lauderdale 

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All of SoBe Well services have helped me with anxiety, energy and my health! The team of SoBe Well is amazing and they truly care! They have motivated me in my recovery to continue to stay clean and sober with the tools they have taught me. SoBe Calm for me is a real boost in every aspect of my life. 

- Thomas M.

SoBe Well services are amazing! The acupuncture helps with my mood, auriculotherapy helps with my relaxation, SoBe Calm helped with my focus, chiropractic and massage helped with my pain, meditation helped with my awareness, nutrition helped with my mood, brain gym helped me with my thinking and yoga helps me with muscle memory. The tools I gained from SoBe Well services are the awareness of how nutrition is so important in my recovery.


- Kenny N.

I loved all of the services of SoBe Well! They helped me tremendously with my sleep, mood swings, cravings, helped me focus and helped my memory, helped with my pain as well. It was truly a calming experience, helps relieve stress. Also helps with sleeping. Just an awesome program.

- David G

I give all services of SoBe Well a 10+!  The services of SoBe Well have been very helpful in my recovery and it helped me learn a lot about my body and mind. Sobe Calm helped me with my anxiety and helped me reduce my stress.

- Shelby D. 

SoBe Well really helped me with my nutrition, it made me realize how much I need to eat healthier as much as I don't like to. Chiropractic and massage were great.

- Joe G.

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