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Organization receives prestigious Joint Commission Accreditation

MIAMI – April 19, 2018 – PRLog — SoBe Well, the first South Florida-base d concierige mobile wellness behavioral health program that helps those suffering from opioid addiction get through the recovery process, has received accreditation from The Joint Commission.

The accreditation, which is good for three years, is the gold standard of care among addiction treatment centers, insurance companies and those within the opioid addiction/recovery community. Accreditation provides many benefits, including: creating confidence in the quality and safety of care; aligns health care organizations with one of the most respected names in health care; provides practical tools to strengthen or maintain performance excellence; fulfills regulatory requirements in select states; helps organize and strengthen patient safety efforts; provides deeming authority for Medicare certification; and more.

“Achieving accreditation makes a very strong statement to the community that we are committed to addressing the opioid epidemic and that we will continue to raise the bar to provide the highest quality of services,” said Dr. Patrece Frisbee, founder and CEO of SoBe Well. “It has really helped strengthen the addiction community’s confidence in the quality and safety of our care, our services and treatment.”

SoBe Well is the first of its kind mobile program that works hand-in-hand with local treatments centers to provide an integrated approach to the addiction recovery process. The organization currently works with treatment centers in Delray Beach, Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie, with additional expansion on the way. Miami based SoBe Well provides services such as social wellness, chiropractic, massage therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, neurobiofeedback and more.

Through collaboration with treatment centers, SoBe Well has been able to decrease the abstinence symptoms such as anxiety, depression, cravings and insomnia by up to 30 percent in just a couple weeks and 96 percent in six weeks. They’ve also been able to increase dopamine, the superhero neurotransmitter in recovery, by 30 percent in just two weeks. All of this is done by rebuilding, rebooting and balancing the brain chemistry.

Frisbee, a former addict herself, started SoBe Well more than two years ago. Like many, Frisbee’s addiction began shortly after being prescribed opioids such as Vicodin, Percocet, and Klonopin following spinal surgery in 2001.

After years of use and building up a tolerance to those drugs, she was then put on more lethal substances, including OxyContin, Demerol and Methadone. Bankrupt and consuming alcohol and opioids on a daily basis, Frisbee finally hit rock bottom and overdosed in December 2011. After waking up in Mount Sinai Hospital on suicide watch, she knew a change had to be made and began the recovery process.

Two years later — clean and sober — she received her board certification as an addictionologist and her diplomate in addiction and compulsive disorders. She then started a boutique in-home practice catering to people with addiction disorders, which has evolved into SoBe Well.

"Addiction to heroin and opioids does not discriminate. The demographic for opioid use is growing. Wealth, status and mental stability do not keep a person safe from addiction, overdose or death."

-Dr. Frisbee

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